Take advantage of reduced costs and access to top notch professionals

In an ideal world hiring somebody onsite is the best solution. A local team right in the next room is always reachable for discussing things, providing a project status, reporting time spent, and it’s actually easier to trust a person you meet daily rather than someone located thousands of miles away. Still, you should consider the following cons of an onsite development team:

  • A local development team may be very expensive. It requires high salaries, taxes, health insurance fees, workspace, and computer equipment.
  • Despite growing number of IT specialists, the selection of really qualified professionals is still very poor. This leads to labour shortage and in countries with high wages hiring a good developer for small and middle-​sized business becomes not affordable.
  • Even for a simple project you may need developers specializing in quite a few areas. For instance, you normally would require a designer, a frontend developer, and a backend developer. If your primary business is not in IT hiring all three will not be an efficient solution for your company.

Why Outsource?

  • Outsourcing can dramatically reduce software development and support costs. By outsourcing from Northern America or Western Europe to Ukraine it is possible to save up to 70% keeping quality on the same level.
  • Outsourcing can instantly provide you with the specific resources you need. You can get a highly experienced team at your disposal instead of worrying about recruiting people with the right IT skills.
  • By outsourcing you can have top-​notch developers at the cost of hiring junior developers onsite. In fact it is the only right choice if your budget is limited, otherwise, the risk of failing becomes extremely high.

Myths About Outsourcing

  • Outsourcing means using cheap labor which results in low quality. Indeed there are plenty of companies that are very cheap and not good. You should be careful with freelance websites and other cheap offers. Still, average qualification of a developer in Northern America or Western Europe is not higher than the qualification of a similar developer in Eastern Europe while the cost difference is substantial.
  • It is hardly possible to control an outsourced project. This is not true of course. There are lots of means of communication and reporting tools. Wise usage of them makes collaboration with a telecommute team a cakewalk. If you work with the right people you will feel as if they are working in your office.

Why Outsource to Ukraine?

With its booming IT sector, Ukraine has become one of the most attractive outsourcing destinations these days. Highly skilled and experienced professionals and rather low rates entice companies of all sizes to outsource their work and open their offices in Ukraine.

There are many reasons to do it:

  • Very competitive level of high education. There are plenty of universities in Ukraine with technical specialties and almost all Ukrainian developers hold a Bachelor or a Master Degree in computer science.
  • Cultural proximity to Northern America and Western Europe.
  • Little time difference with Western Europe.
  • Geographic proximity and ability to travel to Western Europe and Northern America for planning and kick-​off meetings.

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