Well-​educated and experienced team of developers from Ukraine

We are a skilled, experienced, and mature team of programmers, designers, and project managers from Ukraine. For many years we have been working on software projects of large scale and high complexity for very demanding clients.

High quality for our company is not just a marketing cliché many like to repeat. It means quite particular things. We know much more than the syntax of programming languages and keep learning daily. Our team is extremely detail oriented and has well-​established approach to development that ensures a smooth controllable process and perfect results. Our code is well structured (OOP, MVC, various design patterns) and well done in every line (security, speed optimization, reliability, flexibility). We keep an eye on all recent trends in IT, can define what technologies would work best in each case, can design and build clear, convenient, and logical interfaces.

Our areas of experience are complex web-​based applications, modules and plugins for content management systems and shopping carts, API integration, mobile applications, AI, chatbots, blockchain, and amazing 2D and 3D graphics.

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